E-Nails: The Future of Dabbing

What is an e-nail?

An e-nail, short for electronic nail, is a device used for dabbing, a method of consuming cannabis concentrates. Traditional dabbing involves using a butane torch to heat a nail (usually made of quartz, titanium, or ceramic), onto which the concentrate is applied, resulting in vaporization and inhalation.

How does an e-nail work?

An e-nail eliminates the need for a torch by using electricity to heat the nail. It consists of a controller unit and a heating coil that wraps around or is in direct contact with the nail

The user can set the desired temperature on the controller, and the e-nail maintains a consistent temperature, providing a more controlled and precise dabbing experience.

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Benefits of using an e-nail


  • E-nails eliminate the need for a butane torch, making the dabbing process more convenient and user-friendly.
  • Quick and easy setup, allowing for a more efficient and enjoyable dabbing experience.


  • Precise temperature control ensures a consistent and repeatable dabbing experience.
  • Users can fine-tune the temperature to suit different concentrates, maximizing vaporization efficiency.


  • Lower temperature options preserve the terpenes in concentrates, enhancing and preserving the full flavor profile.
  • The controlled heating minimizes the risk of combustion, contributing to a cleaner and more flavorful vapor.


  • Adjustable temperature settings allow users to find the sweet spot for smooth and comfortable inhalation.
  • Consistent heating reduces the likelihood of harsh hits, providing a smoother overall experience.


  • Eliminates the use of open flames, reducing the risk of accidents and burns associated with traditional torches.
  • Automatic shut-off features and safety controls enhance overall safety during use.

What are the different types of e-nails?

Desktop e-nails

Desktop e-nails are stationary electronic nail systems designed for home use. They typically consist of a base unit with a control panel, a heating coil, and a nail. These devices offer high precision in temperature control and are often used with larger water pipes or dab rigs.

Portable e-nails

Portable e-nails are compact, battery-powered devices designed for on-the-go dabbing. These units are smaller and more convenient than their desktop counterparts, making them suitable for travel and outdoor use. Portable e-nails often feature rechargeable batteries, adjustable temperature settings, and a compact design that includes both the heating element and the nail. 

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What is the best temperature to dab with an e-nail?

The best temperature to dab with an e-nail can vary based on personal preference and the specific properties of the concentrate. However, a common range is between 315°F (157°C) and 450°F (232°C). 



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What is an e-nail FAQs

Can I use an e-nail with a water pipe?

Yes, you can use an e-nail (electronic nail) with a water pipe. An e-nail is a device used for dabbing, which is a method of consuming cannabis concentrates. 

To use an e-nail with a water pipe, you'll typically have a compatible nail attachment that fits into your water pipe's joint. The e-nail unit itself will have a heating coil that wraps around or is in direct contact with the nail. You set the desired temperature on the e-nail controller, and it keeps the nail at that temperature, allowing you to dab without the need for a torch.

What is the best way to inhale the vapor from an e-nail?

To inhale vapor from an e-nail, place a small dab of concentrate on the heated nail, set to your preferred temperature, and inhale slowly while using a carb cap. Exhale after a few seconds, and clean the nail between dabs for optimal performance.