3 Piece vs 4 Piece Grinder: A Complete Guide


Grinders are an essential part of your vaporizing or smoking experience, depending on your preference. Knowing the differences between the grinder types you can get is critical. A good grinder will grind and break down your herb to the desired consistency so that you can enjoy a smooth and satisfying inhale with every drag.

While it might not seem like there's much difference between the two, it's worth knowing what makes 3-piece and 4- 4-piece grinders two-piece grinders different. With that in mind, here's a complete guide on huge difference between the two to help you determine which option is best for you.

What is a wax atomizer?

A wax atomizer lets you turn your vape mod into a dab rig. This is a great way to enjoy cannabis concentrates and often screws at the tiny holes on the top of the pen itself.

A wax atomizer is worth investing in if the vape pen supports a sub-ohm dab tank. It offers more intensity of flavor and versatility in general.

How does a wax atomizer work?

Using a wax atomizer chamber is simple enough. You need to heat your device and load your concentrate onto the coils found within the atomizing chamber.

The heat from the atomizer's coils will melt the wax and produce the vapor you're after.

What Is A Weed Grinder, And Why Do You Need One?

A weed grinder is a small device designed to break down cannabis flowers into smaller, more manageable pieces. It helps to shred the material without messing or dirtying your hands.

While not necessarily essential, a grinder provides a more effortless smoking experience by allowing you to grind your herb, making it easier to roll joints, pack bowls, and more.

It also allows you to make the most out of your herb, ultimately enhancing the overall smoking experience and maximizing the effects of the herb or material you choose to use.

Three-Piece Grinders

Three-piece grinders typically consist of a lid, grinding bowl, and collection chamber. The bottom of the grinding chamber has holes for the ground-up flower bud to fall through, allowing for accessible collection and use. These grinders are known for their simplicity and efficiency, making them popular with many users.

Four-Piece Grinders

on the other hand, our piece grinders include an additional storage compartment for ground herbs and a screen to filter kief. The extra storage compartment allows for convenient storage and easy transportation of the ground material. Additionally, including a kief chamber in four-piece grinders allows an additional chamber for the collection and storage of kief, which can be used for various purposes, such as pressing it into hash or rosin, adding it to recipes, or enhancing the potency of joints.


Types of Weed Grinders

Weed grinders come in various types, including two-piece, three-piece, four-piece, and even five-piece versions. Each type offers different features and benefits, catering to the preferences and needs of individual users. Two- and three-piece grinders are more straightforward in design and functionality, while four-piece grinders provide additional storage and kief collection capabilities. Five-piece grinders may include multiple storage chambers or kief catchers, offering even more versatility for users.

In summary, a weed grinder is a valuable tool for cannabis enthusiasts, providing convenience, efficiency, and enhanced smoking experiences.

3 pieces vs 4 pieces grinder pros and cons

Any herb grinder piece you buy has pros and cons; however, how many pieces come with the device? Whatever option, herb grinders help you get the most out of the herbs you smoke or vaporize.

Let's examine the pros and cons of three-grinder, three-piece grinders, and four-piece dry herb grinders.



3 piece

  • More compact
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • A separate grinding chamber helps to collect and store your herbs
  • Doesn’t collect kief

4 piece

  • A separate grinding chamber to collect your herbs
  • An additional kief chamber to collect more potent ground herb
  • Not as compact or travel-friendly

Which type of grinder produces a more consistent grind?

Both the three-piece grinder and the four-piece grinder offer a consistent grind. However, if you compare the same two and three pieces together, you might find that the four-piece grinder is better.

An additional kief grinding chamber also has an extra compartment, which means extra storage. An additional kief chamber and extra storage give you more space to grind the herbs effectively.

Despite four-piece grinders being considered more effective with a consistent grind, you must pick the correct type of grinder piece. For example, metal grinders are often more beneficial in grinding herbs. Choosing a quality grinder over something that might just be affordable is also helpful.

How do I choose the right grinder for my needs?

The right grinder for your needs depends on several factors. Your herb grinder choice should consider these factors.

  • Size—The size of your grinder is necessary, depending on who you vape or smoke with. Larger herb grinders are the preferred choice for those who enjoy vaping or smoking with others.

  • Material—The material of the herb grinders influences your experience. Most grinders are made of wood, metal, or plastic.

  • Weight—Weight impacts how compact and portable the grinders are. The more chambers and grinding portions there are, the harder it becomes to transport.

  • Build—The build of the piece grinder is beneficial because you want it to last. A durable ground herb grinder should be built well and made of high-quality materials.

  • The number of layers—With each piece of grinder, the more layers there are, the more you get from your vape or smoking experience, from the kief compartment to the quality grinding and collection chamber.


Which type of grinder is better for grinding sticky herbs?

What sets apart the 4-piece herb grinder from a 3-piece is that the 4-piece has that extra collection chamber at the bottom. When looking for a 4 piece grinder, the collection chamber is a kief catcher and highly effective in catching sticky herbs. The separate screen separates these and can be added to the mix for a slightly more potent effect.

Where to buy grinders?

If you want to purchase a collect kief grinder, browse the right online sites for high-quality options. From the quality of the grinding process to the additional features for collecting kief, it's worth having several kief grinders available to try out.

Here at Smoky Rolling, we have a variety of grinders, all worth trying as a new or existing user of dry herbs. To help roll joints, the best grinders will have added features to make that process and experience more enjoyable. Check out the piece grinders available on our site right now for purchase.

It's worth checking out how to use a weed grinder to get the most out of your weed vape or weed smoking experience.

Which type of grinder is more portable?

The most portable grinder part between the two is the 3-piece. This is because it doesn't have the extra bottom layer, making it more compact. Of course, some grinders are a bit smaller in build, but when you're looking for one that's more maintenance and travel-friendly, a 3-piece grinder is the best choice. Grinder sizes are essential to consider before you make a purchase.

Which type of grinder is better for grinding sticky concentrates?

For grinding sticky concentrates, opting for 4-piece grinder parts with an extra lower portion and a screen for separating such sticky herbs is best. A kief collector is always a great benefit for those who want to level up their experience when grinding dry herbs.