PAX 3 Vaporizer Review: A Deep Dive


                             PAX 3 Vaporizer Review  

Join us as we explore the best portable vaporizers, and cutting-edge devices immersively. Get ready to uncover its secrets, from innovative features to performance under pressure. By the end, you'll have all the insights to decide if the PAX 3 is your next vaping companion. Let's dive in together!

Unboxing and Kit Options

Let's start with the breakdown of the types of vaporizers and the kits that PAX offers, which you'll find inside the PAX 3 Basic Kit and the Complete Kit:

PAX 3 Basic Kit

  • PAX 3 Vaporizer: The heart of the kit features a sleek design and advanced technology.

  • Maintenance Kit: Essential tools for cleaning and maintaining your PAX 3 in top condition.

  • Charging Cable and Dock: Keep your PAX 3 powered up and ready with the USB cable and charging dock.

  • Standard Mouthpiece: A classic mouthpiece option for a comfortable vaping experience.

  • Raised Mouthpiece: Elevates your vaping experience with a more ergonomic design.

  • Standard Oven Lid: Securely seals your herb chamber for efficient vaporization.

  • Half-Pack Oven Lid: Perfect for smaller sessions, reducing herb consumption while maintaining performance.

PAX 3 Complete Kit:

In addition to everything included in the Basic Kit, the Complete Kit offers:

  • Concentrate Insert: Transform your PAX 3 into a concentrate vaporizer for versatile vaping options.

  • Multi-Tool: Convenient tool for packing and removing materials from your PAX 3 oven.

  • Extra Screens: Additional screens for your PAX 3, ensuring optimal airflow and performance.

  • Protective Pouch: Safely store and transport your PAX 3 with this stylish pouch.

  • Extra Mouthpieces: Spare mouthpieces for sharing with friends or replacing worn-out ones.

PAX 3: The Superior Choice Over the PAX 2?

In the showdown between the PAX 3 and its predecessor, the PAX 2, one emerges as the clear victor. Join us as we delve into PAX 3 vs PAX 2: A Comparative Guide, offering an unparalleled vaping experience that surpasses its predecessor in every aspect. 

PAX 2:

The PAX 2 was a trailblazer in portable convection vaporizers, boasting a sleek design and reliable performance. However, compared to its successor, the PAX 3, it falls short in several key areas:

  • Heating Time: The PAX 2 takes longer to reach optimal vaping temperature than the PAX 3, meaning you'll have to wait longer before enjoying your favorite herbs.

  • Dual Use: Unlike the PAX 3, the PAX 2 is designed solely for dry herb vaping. This limits its versatility for users who also enjoy concentration.

  • Customization: The PAX 3 gives users more control over their vaping experience thanks to adjustable temperature settings and dynamic modes, offering a tailored experience to suit individual preferences.

  • Concentrate Compatibility: While the PAX 2 is strictly for dry herbs, the PAX 3 can easily switch between dry herb and concentrate modes with the included concentrate insert, providing a more versatile vaping experience.

  • Bluetooth Connectivity: The PAX 3 features Bluetooth connectivity and a companion app, allowing users to fine-tune their vaping experience, track usage, and even play games for added enjoyment. This level of connectivity needs to be present in the PAX 2.

PAX 3:

The PAX 3 builds upon the success of its predecessor, offering several improvements and additional features that make it the superior choice for discerning vapers:

    • High Performance: With a faster heat-up time and more precise temperature control, the PAX 3 delivers a consistently smooth and satisfying vaping experience.

    • Dual Compatibility: Whether you prefer dry herb or concentrates, the PAX 3 covers you. Thanks to the included concentrate insert, switching between materials is effortless, providing unmatched versatility.

    • Smart Technology: The PAX 3 features innovative smart technology that automatically adjusts temperature based on your vaping habits, ensuring optimal vapor production and flavor extraction with every session.

    • Sleek Design: Building upon the iconic design of the PAX 2, the PAX 3 boasts a polished exterior and intuitive controls, making it both stylish and user-friendly.

    • Bluetooth Connectivity: Control your vaping experience with the PAX Vapor app, which allows you to customize temperature settings, track usage, and access additional features such as games and firmware updates.

Warranty of 10 years

The PAX 3 comes with a warranty that is a beacon of confidence in its quality and durability. With an impressive 10-year warranty, PAX sets the standard for customer assurance in vaping. This warranty reflects the brand's commitment to excellence and provides users with unmatched peace of mind, knowing their investment is protected for years. 

Manufacturing Quality

The Pax 3 dry herb vapourizer is very similar to its predecessor, the Pax 2. The device retains an attractive and sleek look that echoes the luxury of purses or beauty items. The device's iconic design has stayed the same. The only significant distinction from an aesthetic perspective was finishing the new "Pax" 3.

Vapor Quality & Performance

Vapor quality—Overall, Pax Plus delivers excellent vapor quality for portable conduction vapers. Some conduction vaporizer models have a higher vapor quality, but they are not necessarily ideal vaporizers. This product provides an efficient and portable vaporizer for someone needing reliable power in the long run. Ideally, you'd prefer your portable vaporizer that delivers higher vapor quality compared to convection devices or hybrid vaporizing products. This new ‘experience mode’ can quickly extract compounds from a plant.

Temperature control mode

It offers an exceptional vaping experience with its precise temperature control and rapid heat-up time, which are the most important factors when choosing a vaporizer. The production unit we tested reached the highest of its four temperature settings in around 30 seconds, ensuring minimal wait time between sessions. The PAX 3's smartphone app also allows users to adjust the preset heat settings in one-degree increments, providing ultimate control over their vaping experience.

Temperature settings include:

  • 360° F / 180° C

  • 380° F / 193° C

  • 400° F / 204° C

  • 420° F / 215° C

The initial two temperature settings offer a flavorful experience with gentle vapor, while the latter provides denser clouds with added intensity. Our preference leans towards vapor production at higher temperatures, and we typically commence our sessions at setting three, around 400°F. As our sessions progress, we often conclude at the maximum temperature, appreciating the adaptable and effortless shutdown timer. 

Impressive battery life

The 18650mAh battery had 90 minutes on a charge during the PAX 3 test. The oven can be switched off when needed for optimal performance, but there is no timer for a single operation. We like to relax while vaporized, and some sessions are longer than ten minutes, though the PAX3 needs charging in 3 evenings to use them. The battery can be charged within 30 minutes with an integrated USB dock. We think that the battery life on the vape is very long. We don't want to lose our juice.


The PAX 3 is engineered with portability in mind, making it the perfect companion for vaping enthusiasts who are always on the move. Its sleek and compact design allows it to effortlessly slip into your pocket or bag, ensuring you can enjoy your favorite herbs or concentrates wherever your adventures take you. 

Ease of Use

The PAX 3 simplifies vaping with its intuitive controls and clear feedback. A single button on the mouthpiece handles everything, while the signature LED lights provide instant status updates. Need to adjust temperature? Hold the button. Battery life or exiting temperature mode? Just shake the device. Plus, it vibrates when ready, ensuring you're always informed. With its user-friendly design, the PAX 3 makes vaping easy and enjoyable.

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Can beginners use the PAX 3?

Yes, with one exception: reading the manual. While loading and using the PAX 3 vaporizer is straightforward, understanding the controls can be confusing without consulting the instructions. However, once you familiarize yourself with them, the PAX 3 becomes one of the simplest and most enjoyable vaporizers, even for beginners.

Safety Features

The PAX 3 incorporates several safety features to enhance user experience and peace of mind. One notable feature is its auto-shutoff mechanism, which helps prevent overheating and conserves battery life by automatically powering off the device after inactivity. This ensures safe usage and prevents unnecessary energy consumption, making the PAX 3 a reliable and user-friendly vaporizer.

Recommendations and tips

To maximize the performance of your PAX 3, keep these essential tips in mind: Ensure finely ground material for improved vapor production, tightly pack the oven chamber, and begin with gentle draws, gradually increasing intensity for optimal results. After use, clear any residual vapor by taking a few draws to minimize odor and maintain device cleanliness.

Following these straightforward practices can elevate your vaping experience and achieve consistent results with your PAX 3.

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