Grinder Sizes: Which One Is Right For You?

Choosing a grinder size is an integral part of your smoking experience. There are many sizes of grinders available on the market and which one you pick will heavily influence your satisfaction when smoking.

With that being said, it's worth knowing what grinder sizes exist and which one is the right one for you and your needs.




2 pieces 

As the smallest of grinder sizes, these are a great option for those who might just be getting started. Smaller grinders are useful for those who are solo smoking because you can continue grinding the herbs until you've got the desired fineness.

The result of the fine powder means it can be used across multiple smoking devices.

Recommended use

If you're looking to solo smoke and need a grinder that is compact, then the 2-piece is an ideal choice. Not only that but it's great for use on a number of smoking devices, whether that be a bong, a vape, or a pipe for example.

For smokers who are on the go when smoking, this is a great grinder that won't take up a lot of room.

3 pieces 

The 3-piece grinder is the middle ground of grinder sizes. They're the perfect balance when it comes to offering a portable device that's also good value for money. It's got enough space for your bud without feeling too heavy or bulky in your bag.

Recommended use

If you're looking for better consistency in your grind and ease of use, then this is a grinder that's perfect for you. It requires minimal maintenance as a user, making it the ideal choice for anyone starting off as a beginner to smoking and grinding in general.

4 pieces 

For Grinder pieces, a 4-piece grinder is a larger device, best for those who are likely sharing their smoke with friends. This ensures plenty of buds are in the grinder, ready to use in your desired smoking apparatus - whatever that might look like.

The benefits of a larger grinder include a larger production, which means you're likely to use more bud during each smoking session.

Recommended use

Ideal for smoking with friends and larger groups, the 4-piece grinder offers convenience due to the collection chamber. In comparison to the other, smaller sizes, it's easier and a less fussy experience.

5 pieces 

Level up to the five-piece grinder and you've got plenty of bud to go around. This is ideal, again, for larger groups and those you regularly share a smoke with.

With five-piece grinders, you've got an extra chamber for the Kief collection. This allows you to get an even more potent form of cannabis to elevate your smoking experience.

Recommended use

Five-piece grinders are considered the most versatile when compared to other grinders. Therefore it's worth using these when you're in large groups and you also want to get more from the bud through the kief filtration chamber offered.

Sizes per width 

The best grinder sizes will depend on what you need when it comes to the bud size and volume you need to grind down. Before you look at how to use a weed grinder, here's a helpful breakdown of what sizes there are and the recommended use for each.


Grinder size

Recommended use

Small (1-2 inches)

Ideal for solo smokers and for on-the-go smoking

Medium (2-3 inches)

Useful for minimal maintenance and better consistency in grind

Large (3+ inches)

Best for larger groups when smoking and for larger storage of buds

What is the best grind size for different smoking methods?

Depending on your smoking preferences, some grinders are going to be more effective than others. With that in mind, let's take a look at what grind size is best for different smoking methods.

Rough chop - A course and chunky grind that is often used without a grinder. Suited for blunt wraps.

Coarse - One of the most popular grind sizes, best used with a 2-piece. Ideal for hand-rolled joints and regular pipes.

Medium - A finer consistency, best achieved with a 3+ piece, and is suited for vaporizers and some pipes.

Fine - For finer grinds, you'll want to use the 2-piece, as this is going to allow you to get a very fine grind. Suited for any portable vaporizers you might want to use.

The Grinder parts are highly influential to the type of smoking experience you're after, so it's worth considering what type of smoking method pairs up well with the grinder sizes.

How much cannabis can each size grinder hold?

The amount of cannabis each size grinder holds will depend on how much width is available and the density of the bud you have. For example, you'll find that a 2-piece might only fit a small amount of bud in, whereas the five-pieces are likely to hold a larger amount to enjoy for longer.

The dryer the bud is, the more you'll be able to get into the device in general, so that's worth noting.

What are some of the best grinders for sticky concentrates?

For sticky concentrates, there are plenty of grinders out there worth considering. Some of the most popular brands are Santa Cruz Shredders and Marley's Natural's. There are tons of grinder sizes and grinder brands available on the market currently, so it's worth shopping around.

Experimenting with grinders is useful too, especially when it comes to both size and brand type. It's all about finding the grinder that delivers what you need as a smoker.

Where can I buy a grinder?

If you're looking to buy a high-quality grinder and want grinder sizes of all widths, then you can check out our site Smoky Rolling. We offer a number of grinders, all unique in their own way. Our grinders are already satisfying many of our customers who need a smoking accessory like this one.

Shop the range available on our site right now and find a grinder size that's perfect for you.


Sizes of grinder FAQs

What are the factors to consider when choosing a grinder size?

When choosing a grinder size, it's important to think about what you're using it for. If it's solo smoking, a smaller grinder might be more applicable. However, for larger groups and smoking with friends, the 4 or 5-piece grinders may be more efficient.

Consider additional chambers for the Kief collection, especially when you want to further elevate your smoking experience.

What are some common problems with grinder sizes?

Despite the grinder sizes available, there are often some common problems that come with these devices. Some might get stuck or not turn so easily if the bud is too large for the grinder itself.

You might find that some of the grinder sizes don't grind up the herb so easily, so it's important to know what grinder matches up to the bud you're using and your preference when it comes to output.