How to Clean Your Pax Plus

How to Clean Your Pax Plus: A Simple Guide

Keeping your Pax Plus clean is super important if you want it to last and give you the best experience every time. A clean vaporizer means better flavor and smoother hits. Plus, with a little TLC, your Pax Plus can stick around for up to 10 years! That's right, a whole decade of awesome sessions. 

But if you slack on cleaning, you might end up with gunk and clogs that can mess up your vape and even damage it over time. So, let’s dive into this easy guide to keep your Pax Plus in perfect shape and always ready to go.

What you need to clean a Pax Plus

With these cleaning tools, you'll ensure your Pax Plus stays in tip-top shape, ready for discreet sessions on the go. The magnetic oven lid keeps your stash secure, and you can enjoy over 2 hours of battery life. Plus, with the peace of mind that comes with a 10-year limited warranty, you'll be set for a long time.

  • Isopropyl alcohol (at least 90% concentration): Essential for breaking down residue and sanitizing your Pax Plus.
  • Pipe cleaners: Perfect for reaching those narrow and tricky spots inside your device.
  • Paper towels or lint-free cloth: For wiping down and drying parts after cleaning.
  • Cleaning brush (optional): Handy for scrubbing off stubborn buildup.
  • A small dish or container for soaking parts: Ideal for soaking smaller parts to loosen up any gunk.

Step-by-Step Pax Plus Cleaning Guide

Cleaning your Pax Plus might seem like a chore, but it's actually pretty straightforward and totally worth it. Regular cleaning keeps your device performing at its best, ensuring you get those smooth, flavorful hits every time. Plus, it helps prevent buildup that can clog your device and affect its efficiency. With just a few basic tools and a bit of know-how, you'll have your Pax Plus sparkling clean in no time. 

Disassembling the Pax Plus

First things first, let's break down your Pax Plus to get it ready for a thorough cleaning. The Pax Plus has two main parts: the mouthpiece on top and the conduction oven at the bottom where you place your herbs or concentrates. To open the oven, just poke your finger into the bottom of the device, and it will pop open, exposing the chamber.

  • Heating Chamber: This is where you place your herbs for vaporization.
  • Mouthpiece: The part from which you inhale vapor.

Cleaning the oven and vapor path

  1. Remove the Oven Lid: Once the oven is exposed, take off the magnetic lid.
  2. Empty the Oven: Dump out any leftover herbs or residue.
  3. Soak Small Parts: Place the oven lid and any other small parts in a dish with isopropyl alcohol to soak.
  4. Clean the Oven: Use a pipe cleaner dipped in isopropyl alcohol to scrub the inside of the oven. Make sure to get into all the nooks and crannies.
  5. Clean the Vapor Path: Run a pipe cleaner through the vapor path to remove any buildup.
  6. Rinse and Dry: Rinse the soaked parts with warm water and dry them with a lint-free cloth or paper towel.

Cleaning the mouthpiece and packing lid

  1. Remove the Mouthpiece: Pull the mouthpiece off the top of the Pax Plus.
  2. Soak in Alcohol: Place the mouthpiece in a small dish with isopropyl alcohol to soak.
  3. Brush Off Residue: Use a cleaning brush or pipe cleaner to scrub away any residue on the mouthpiece and packing lid.
  4. Rinse and Dry: Rinse both parts with warm water and dry them thoroughly before reassembling.

When to Clean Your Pax Plus

To keep your Pax Plus in top-notch condition and ensure the best performance, it's crucial to clean it regularly. A good rule of thumb is to give it a thorough cleaning every 5 to 10 uses. This regular maintenance helps prevent buildup and clogs, which can make it harder to draw vapor and negatively impact your vaping experience.

The Pax Plus is a precision device, and neglecting its upkeep can lead to a clogged vapor path, affecting the quality of your sessions. By sticking to this cleaning schedule, you'll enjoy smooth, flavorful vapor and prolong the life of your vaporizer, ensuring that it remains a reliable companion for all your aromatherapy needs.

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Things to avoid when cleaning the Pax Plus

  • Don't Reassemble the Pax Plus if It Is Wet: Make sure all parts are completely dry before putting the device back together to avoid any damage.
  • Don't Submerge the Device in Water: Only clean the removable parts with liquids. Submerging the entire device can damage the internal electronics.
  • Don't Use Harsh Chemicals: Stick to isopropyl alcohol and avoid any cleaning products that are not specifically made for smoking or vaping devices, as they can leave harmful residues.
  • Avoid Using Excessive Force: Be gentle when scrubbing and handling the parts to prevent breakage or damage.
  • Don't Ignore Regular Cleaning: Skipping cleanings can lead to buildup, clogs, and decreased performance, so stay on schedule.
  • Don't Use Abrasive Tools: Use soft brushes and pipe cleaners instead of metal or abrasive tools that could scratch or damage the surfaces.

Tips for effective cleaning

Keeping your Pax Plus in pristine condition doesn't have to be a hassle. With the right techniques and a little bit of regular attention, you can ensure your vaporizer always performs at its best. Here are some handy tips to make your cleaning routine more effective and efficient. Find the most cheapest electric dab rig on the market by comparing prices and features from various retailers.

Post-Cleaning Procedures

After you've finished cleaning all the parts of your Pax Plus, it's time to perform a burnoff to remove any residual cleaning solution.

Performing a burnoff to remove residual cleaning solution

  1. Reassemble Your Pax Plus: Once everything is dry, put your device back together.
  2. Prepare for Burnoff: Ensure the chamber is empty.
  3. Set to Maximum Temperature: Turn on your Pax Plus and set it to the highest temperature setting.
  4. Run for 5 Minutes: Let the device run for about 5 minutes. This will help evaporate any leftover isopropyl alcohol or cleaning solution, ensuring a pure, clean vapor for your next session.

Why Clean Your Pax Plus?

Regularly clean your Pax Mini by disassembling it and using isopropyl alcohol to remove any residue and buildup. A clean device ensures optimal performance, delivering better vapor production and flavor while extending its lifespan. It also promotes health and safety by removing harmful residue, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable vaping experience every time. Plus, a well-maintained vaporizer looks great and works efficiently, making it well worth the effort to keep it clean.


Signs that your Pax Plus needs cleaning

If you notice any of these signs, it's time to give your Pax Plus a good cleaning to restore its performance and enjoy a better vaping experience. Follow the user manual to properly set up and operate your Pax Mini Instructions for the best vaping experience.

  • Bad Odors: Unpleasant smells coming from your device.
  • Reduced Flavor: The herbs taste less intense and flavorful.
  • Tough Draws: Increased resistance when taking a draw, making it harder to inhale.
  • Sticky or Hard-to-Remove Mouthpiece: Difficulty removing or attaching the mouthpiece.
  • Visible Residue: Buildup of residue or gunk in the oven or vapor path.
  • Decreased Vapor Production: Noticeably less vapor than usual.
  • Longer Heat-Up Time: The device takes longer to reach the desired temperature.
  • Inconsistent Performance: Erratic or unreliable vapor quality during sessions.

FAQs about cleaning a Pax Plus

How do you keep PAX from smelling?

To keep your PAX from smelling, the easiest method is to clean it regularly. After every few uses, give your device a quick clean to prevent buildup of residue that can cause odors. Storing your PAX in a sealed container when not in use can also help contain any lingering smells. Additionally, using odor-neutralizing products like activated charcoal bags or odor-proof pouches can significantly reduce any unwanted scents, ensuring your PAX doesn't cause a big stink.

How do you clean resin out of PAX?

Cleaning resin out of your PAX requires a bit of isopropyl alcohol and some patience. Start by disassembling your device and soaking the removable parts, like the mouthpiece and oven lid, in isopropyl alcohol for about 30 minutes. For the oven and vapor path, use a pipe cleaner or cotton swab dipped in alcohol to scrub away any sticky resin. After scrubbing, rinse all parts with warm water and let them dry completely before reassembling your device. Regular cleaning will help prevent resin buildup and keep your PAX performing at its best.