How To Fix A Vape Pen With These Easy Steps

Exploring vape pens components is essential for users. Common components include a battery for power, a heating element (atomizer) for vaporization, a cartridge or tank for holding the e-liquid, and a mouthpiece for inhaling. Familiarizing yourself with these components ensures proper use and maintenance of your vape pen.

Here are some quick tips on how to fix a vape pen with these easy steps!

1. Make sure your vape pen is turned on.

First and foremost, make sure that your vape pen is turned on. It sounds like an obvious one but sometimes, it might be that your vape pens aren't turned on. If it's not turning on, then chances are the vape pen batteries are gone.

It's also worth noting that some vape pens are activated by inhaling on the mouthpiece and others are via a power button.

2. Adjust the voltage to the desired setting.

In order to get a satisfying vape experience, it's important to adjust the voltage to the desired setting. Every vape pen and vaporizer is going to operate best on a certain setting. Consider the voltage it's currently at, as this might be influencing how effective the vape is for you and your needs.

3. If your vape cart is clogged, clear it 

Over time, your vape is likely to develop residue within the vape cartridges. In order to keep it in good condition and to fix any vape pens that aren't working properly, clear it by gently blowing into it.

If that doesn't work, then you could always consider using a toothpick to unclog the airflow holes. Of course, you might want to replace the vape cartridge but it's worth checking the cartridge for any residue that might be preventing the vape pen from working properly.

4. Tighten or loosen the vape cart until it is snug but tight.

One common problem that occurs when it comes to a seemingly broken vape pen is that the vape cart is too tight or too loose. It's important that it's snug but not too tight. Too tight and you might find that it restricts airflow and damages the connection plate as a result.

Try unscrewing the cart and ensuring there's more of a snug fit when it comes to a faulty vape pen.

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5. If the connection pin is stuck

The connection pin can often get stuck due to residue within the device. With that being said, a quick fix to resolve the issue can be done with a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol. This should remove any stubborn residue without damaging the connection plate itself.

6. If the coil is burnt or damaged, replace it.

Coils are something that need replacing regularly when it comes to your vape devices. It's often one of the common vape pen problems that needs troubleshooting. If the coil is burnt or damaged, then you'll want to replace it. This is noticeable in the taste or the lack of vapor production.

7. If the charger is not working, replace it.

Some vapes come with a vape pen battery that's rechargeable. Chances are, if your vape has stopped working, it might be due to the vape battery being flat. If the batteries are fine but the charger isn't charging the batteries, then you'll want to replace the charger as soon as possible.

A vape pen not working can easily be resolved when looking at these troubleshooting points.

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How to avoid the problems

In order to avoid the problems of a vape pen not working, it's important to keep it well-maintained and to check for any potential issues before they arise. Whether it's disposable vapes or refillable and rechargeable ones, here are a few tips for avoiding issues with your vape pen.

  • Check the battery: Make sure the battery is inserted correctly and that it's charged.
  • Check for leaks: If you see any oil or e-liquid leaking from the vape pen, clean it up immediately.
  • Check the atomizer: If the atomizer is overtightened, loosen it slightly. If it's shorting out, you'll need to replace it.
  • Check the charger: If the charger is broken, you'll need to replace it.

By doing these simple checks on your vape pens components, you're likely to avoid problems with your vape pen.


How much does it cost to fix a vape pen?

When a vape pen isn't working properly, it might be a quick fix that doesn't cost you much. Perhaps replacing the vape juice for example, which may cost several dollars. However, if you're having to replace a disposable vape pen or pen in general, then you'll likely spend a bit more money.

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How To Fix A Vape Pen FAQs

How do I prevent vape pen problems?

It's always more useful to prevent vape pen problems than needing to know how to fix a vape pen. With that being said, a few tips to prevent vape pen problems include; avoiding chain vaping, keeping it well charged at all times, keeping it clean, and storing it away from direct sunlight.

How do I maintain my vape pen?

To maintain your vape pen and vape batteries, keep it stored away properly. Try not to get the vape pen dirty and consider cleaning it regularly to keep on top of any debris.