What Type of Vaporizer Is Best for Weed?


There are three types of vaporizers; conduction vape, convection vape and hybrid weed vape. Conduction heating applies direct contact with cannabis. Convection vaporizers heat the air which is then circulated through the cannabis. There's no direct contact with the cannabis, unlike the conduction vapes.

A hybrid heating system uses the best of both methods to provide a rich taste that maximizes the dry herb's potential. Here we will teach you how to choose a vaporizer.


Portable Dry Herb Vapes

Portable dry herb vapes are great for those who are on the go and want something that they can easily carry about from one place to another. When it comes to weed pens, there are some great features of portable vaporizers.

Glass Mouthpiece

With a lot of portable vaporizer pens, you get a glass mouthpiece rather than a plastic one. The danger that comes with using plastic mouthpieces is that they can overheat. That means you've got the potential of inhaling toxic fumes from the burning plastic.

With a glass mouthpiece, you can enjoy your vape pens without having to worry about that risk.

Rechargeable Battery

A portable vape pen needs to be reliable and therefore it's worth looking for ones that offer a rechargeable battery. This helps ensure you have constant power to enjoy your dry herb vape at any point in the day.

The battery life is a lot better in its performance when you're using rechargeable vape pens.

Vape Pen Options

For a weed vape, you have a variety of choices. Vape pens come in all shapes and sizes, some that mimic the feel of a traditional cigarette, others more box-like in shape and designed to fit in the palm of your hand.

When it comes to portable dry herb vaporizers, the best dry herb vaporizer design style is the pen. It's easy to carry around, discreet and is just like smoking weed.

Portable Vapes with Wide Range of Heat Settings

Look for portable vape pens that offer flexibility in temperature control. The heating element is one of the most important influences in flavor and intensity. A wide range of heat settings for the heating chamber is going to ensure you get the most out of the pen.

Long-Lasting Battery

It's important that even a budget weed vape has a good battery life. Thankfully, when it comes to portable vaporizers, you'll find that the battery life is long-lasting, meaning you'll get a wonderful experience from the first hit to the last.




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Desktop Vaporizers

A desktop vaporizer is another type of device that vaporizes dry herbs. It relies though on a constant power source and therefore makes it a harder vaporizer to travel with. However, what it does deliver, is a strong and reliable vaporizer.

Convection Heating Source

Desktop vaporizers use a convection heating source, which means it heats the air around the cannabis. There are many benefits to using the convection method. These include:

  • Low combustion risk

  • Better for vaping on-demand

  • Improved control over temperature settings

  • An even vaporization of the cannabis

  • Best for maximizing flavor

Digital Display and Heat Setting Options

With a desktop vaporizer, you've got a few additional features which elevate its performance. A digital display makes it easy for users to use what settings the device is currently on. Talking of heating settings, there are typically a variety of heat settings to choose from.

External Battery Option for Longer Use

A convection battery life is typically a preferred choice for vape users, especially as there's an external battery option to provide scope for longer use. For those who want longer vaping sessions, it's the ideal vape device.






What type of vaporizer is best for weed FAQs

What type of vaporizer should I buy?

A vape pen should have great battery life. Depending on your usage and where you use a vape, you may prefer the portable options when on your commute to work or out socializing with friends. The desktop vaporizers will be suited to those who spend most of their time vaping, within the comfort of their own homes.

Is it safe to use a vaporizer?

Vaping is a much safer version than smoking traditional cigarettes. They're also a great alternative to quitting the habit of smoking if that's something you're looking to do. With vaporizers, they don't produce tar or carbon monoxide which are the most harmful elements within tobacco smoke.