How To Choose A Vaporizer: A Complete Guide

Shopping for a vaporizer, especially as a newcomer, is something to consider carefully. There are tons of different vape pens and vape products on the market, so understanding what's available and best suited for you, is essential.

With that being said, this complete guide will provide all the answers you need when it comes to choosing a vaporizer. Let's take a look at how to choose a vaporizer whether you're a beginner or expert.




Features to consider when choosing a vaporizer

What should you be looking for when it comes to a vaporizer? There are many features that come with a vape pen. From portable vapes to desktop vaporizers, it's useful to run through all the basics you should be paying attention to when shopping around. Here are some features that will influence how to choose a vaporizer for your needs.

Type of vaporizer

There are several types of vaporizers available, all of which offer their own benefits. Some of the vaporizers available on the market include; vape pen, desktop vaporizer, e-cigarettes, pod mods, and disposables to name but a few.

Heating method

There are three heating systems you'll see on the market. These include conduction, convection heating, and induction.

Conduction heating uses direct contact with the hot element to vaporize the dry herb, whereas convection heating element uses a fan to push hot air through the herbs.

Induction heating uses electrical currents to heat the herbs being used and is considered the most modern in comparison.

Temperature control

Temperature control is an important feature of the vaporizer because it helps with creating consistency in the drags you take. Some vapes will come with adjustable temperature control and others will have a precise temperature control that you can't change. It's worth considering whether this is something you want or not.

Bowl size

Depending on the type of vaporizer you choose, will depend on the size of the bowl you get. Vapes have their own chamber in which you load up the dry herb. These bowls will tend to come in two sizes, half-pack and full-pack bowls.

When finding the perfect vaporizer for yourself, you'll want to experiment between the two bowl sizes.

Battery life

Battery-powered vaporizers come in varying wattages depending on the size and how much you spend on them. With desktop models, you don't need to worry so much about battery sizes. However, for portable unit types, you'll want to opt for battery sizes that are bigger and therefore last longer.

A long battery life is going to help you enjoy concentrates without it cutting out during mid-vaping sessions.

Ease of use

How easy is it to use a vaporizer? Some are more complicated than others depending on the level of experience you have currently. For example, portable vaporizers might be a little easier to use, especially the disposable ones.

Whether you choose a portable vape or desktop vapes, ease of use is an important feature to consider.


A great reason to want to vape over smoking is that the price point is a lot more affordable. However, the amount you pay will depend on the type of vaporizer you choose. Some pen style vaporizers are going to be less costly than some desktop units.

Some vape pens that come with rechargeable batteries, might cost more than ones that are disposable. It's up to your personal preference and finances, which one is right for you.

Airflow control

It's important to be mindful of the amount of airflow that your device allows, as it can greatly influence the experience of the vape. The higher the airflow is, the cooler the vape, the lower the airflow, the more flavor you get from your vape juice.


Just like many features, the mouthpiece is one that can vary from one vaporizer to the next. Also known as the drip tip, it influences draw resistance and the temperature of the vapor.

There are some vaporizers that come with mouthpieces permanently placed on them, others are interchangeable, so it's good to look into the benefits that come with the mouthpiece.


Whenever you buy an electrical product, it usually comes with a warranty. That's no different when it comes to a vaporizer. Whether that's a vape pen or types of dry herb vaporizers, check the warranty available on each device you look at.

What are the different types of vaporizers?

There are a number of different vaporizers to choose from when it comes to picking out the next one for your vaping needs. A few to consider that will influence how to choose a vaporizer, include:

Disposables - For those who want something easy to use, disposables are often the most preferred. As a portable vaporizer, you simply use the device until the battery or vape juice runs out.

Pod Kits - A step up from disposables, pod kits offer a variety of vape flavors with the addition of the pod which can either be prefilled or refillable.

Vape Pens - When it comes to a vape pen, you've got more temperature control. There are a number of adjustable features depending on the type of pen you purchase.

Mods - Considered the next generation of vape devices, there are even more customizable options with these vaporizer types. From full temperature control to airflow adjustment, the vape mods are a great option for experienced vape users.

Cigalikes - Cigalikes are as close to a real cigarette in both performance and appearance. They deliver vapor that is satisfying for anyone new to vaping or looking for an alternative to smoking.

What are the different types of vaporizer materials?

Typically, you can expect a number of different vaporizer materials. The mixture of vaporizers includes food grade flavoring, water, nicotine, cannabis, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin.

You've also got different types of vaporizer materials depending on what you want to vaporize. These include dry herbs and concentrates.

What are the best temperature settings for vaping different materials?

Depending on the type of materials you want to vape, will determine what temperature settings you put in place. With that in mind, here are a few different materials and temperature control levels required for the best vaping experience when looking at how to choose a vaporizer.

  • Dry herbs and concentrates - For dry herbs and concentrates, ideal temperatures are best set to lower and medium levels. These tend to vary from 160-180°C (356-320°F) up to 200°C (392°F) for a higher dosage.
  • Cannabis - Vaporizing concentrates like Cannabis are useful with dab pens. Choosing concentrate vaporizers that can reach above 315°C (600°F) are considered to be the best for vaping this type of material. A vaporizer for medical weed would also suit this precise temperature control.
  • E-liquids - As a popular option for vape users, e-liquids are best vaped at 200-250°C(392–482°F) due to their fluidity.
  • THC oil - With THC oil being another concentrate and in liquid consistency, it means you can vape them in the same way as e-liquids at 200-250°C(392–482°F).

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How To Choose A Vaporizer FAQs

How do I clean and maintain my vaporizer?

To help with maintaining and cleaning the vaporizer, it's important to do it regularly. Firstly separate the chamber and mouthpiece. Remove any residue with a Q-tip and alcohol. Repeat until the chamber is free and residue and re-assemble the device. This should help your vaporizer last longer as a result.

How long does a vaporizer battery last?

A vape pen battery lifespan can vary but you will find that a portable vaporizer battery will last between six to twelve months. It's worth checking out the vape pens and vaporizers in general to assess the battery life. The ones that last longer will often come with rechargeable batteries.