Yocan Evolve Review

The Yocan Evolve is a wax pen that's extremely popular amongst vapers thanks to many of its effective features. From its portability to ease of use, there are many reasons why you'd want to try out this device.

When choosing wax pens, it's handy to make comparisons, so let's take a look at what Yocan Evolve offers as a wax pen for users both new to vaping concentrates and those experienced already.




What is the Yocan Evolve?

Yocan Evolve is a vaporizer in the form of a slim, wax pen. Otherwise known as a dab pen, it's an easy-to-use vape device that offers both discreet and satisfying, on-the-go vaping.

For many users of the Yocan Evolve, you can expect a vaporizer that feels sturdy and can take on the daily use that most vape users would need when regularly vaping. If you're looking for something reliable, then this is a dab pen that's well-suited for your needs.

How does the Yocan Evolve work?

The Yocan Evolve is a dab pen that's easy enough to use, even if you're a beginner to a wax pen. Firstly, you unscrew the mouthpiece to gain access to the atomizer. You'll then unscrew the atomizer coil cap to reveal the heating chamber underneath.

A loading tool is used to place the wax onto the dual quartz coils and then the mouthpiece is screwed back onto the vaporizer before vaping.

A lot of wax pen devices will require a number of clicks on the power button in order to activate the device. With the Yocan Evolve wax pen, you'll then press and hold the power button while drawing on the mouthpiece.

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Yocan Evolve features and specifications

When choosing a dab tool or vape pen, it's important to take a look closely at the vape pen components as features and specs it offers. As a vape user, everything from the type of battery life it has to the vapor quality is essential for a satisfying vape experience.

Let's take a look at what it has to offer to you as a vape pen user.


The Yocan Evolve comes with an abundance of features, all of which contribute positively to the effectiveness of the pen. As a dab tool, you'll find this pen in particular to be one of the best for straightforward, easy vaping.

  • Dual Coils with Quartz Glass Rods provide a clean taste and even heat
  • Functional Coil Cap prevents mouthpiece from getting hot
  • 10 Seconds of Continuous Heat
  • Heats Up Instantly

The dual quartz atomizer is a luxurious feature and makes up part of the well-built device. The quartz glass rods, combined with the dual coils provide a vape taste that's always clean and provides an even heat when vaping. The pens components really shine through, making this a good vape and dab pen for users to enjoy.


A strong battery life is important when it comes to the use of any wax vape or vape kit in general. After all, when it comes to a portable vape device, you want it to have long-lasting performance. Here are the specifications of the Yocan Evolve.

  • Battery Capacity: 650mah
  • Atomizer Resistance: 0.8ohms
  • Max Atomizer Wattage 15W (exceeding will damage the coil or shorten lifespan)
  • Easy to clean and maintenance, check our tips for how to fix a vape pen

With a larger battery life, it's a game changer for anyone who's perhaps new to vaping and has used vapes with low battery capacity.

Yocan Evolve pros and cons

What are the advantages and disadvantages of the Yocan Evolve? It's always useful to weigh up the benefits and anything that might encourage you to look elsewhere for your dab pen needs.



  • Compact design
  • Dual quartz atomizer isn't the most powerful
  • Great flavor output
  • Loses volts as battery power declines
  • Affordable price point
  • Limited time for inhaling
  • High-quality features

Yocan Evolve average price

How much can you expect to shell out when it comes to the Yocan Evolve? When choosing a vape pen, you've got a number of options within this brand, including the Yocan Evolve Plus. However, focusing this on the Yocan Evolve alone, you can expect to pay around $35-$40 depending on where it is you shop.

How does the Yocan Evolve compare to other wax pens on the market?

While the Yocan's dual quartz atomizer and coils might not be the most powerful, they are certainly an upgrade from the affordable wax pens available.

If you're looking to make comparisons, then you can rest assured that the Yocan Evolve is an excellent vape pen for CBD oil and for other wax concentrate options.

The manufacturing quality doesn't go unnoticed and the vapor quality you get with every inhale is consistent. You'll get some impressive cloud production, which for many users is an important one when it comes to wax pens.

The Yocan Evolve is an excellent dab pen in comparison to others on the market, so why not give it a try by shopping the product here at Smoky Rolling?

How do I know when it is time to replace the coil on my Yocan Evolve?

There are some noticeable changes that will indicate when it's time to replace the coil on your Yocan Evolve. A burnt taste when it comes to vaping is a clear indicator that the wax coil will need replacing. If the vapor quality is lacking, then this might also be a sign that you need to replace the coil soon.

Be mindful of any leaking coming from the device as this could be a sign that the coil has worn down and needs a new one immediately. There's nothing worse than a leaky vape pen! Always check the coil cap has been screwed back on tightly enough to prevent any unwanted accidents. too.

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Yocan Evolve review FAQs

Is the Yocan Evolve a good choice for beginners?

The Yocan Evolve is certainly a good choice for beginners, especially those who might be new to dab pens. It's a device that's easy enough to get to grips with, whatever experience you might have prior to purchasing it.

What is the warranty on the Yocan Evolve?

The Yocan company offers a three-month guaranteed warranty on its products. Any potential defects will need to be verified by the company directly or alternatively, getting in touch with the retailer you bought it from.