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Boulder W1 Durable Concentrate Pen

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Product Description

Introducing the Boulder W1 Durable Concentrate Pen, a game-changer in vaping with its revolutionary design and structure. This cutting-edge device redefines how you experience concentration, offering unparalleled performance and durability. At the heart of the Boulder W1 is its innovative design, meticulously crafted to enhance every aspect of your vaping journey. The sleek and ergonomic body feels comfortable in your hand and exudes modern sophistication. This pen is not just a vaping device; it's a statement of style and innovation.

      Key Features:

  •  Easy to use
  •  Dimensions: 124 mm x 11 mm x 20mm
  • Charge time: 45 minutes
  •  Battery capacity: 360 mAh
  •  Vape juice capacity: 1.5 mL
  • High-quality food-grade steel construction

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Boulder W1 Durable Concentrate Pen


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