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Ooze Vault Portable Vaporizer Battery

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Product Description

The Ooze Vault Portable Vaporizer Battery is powered by a powerful 450mAh battery that can provide up to 2 hours of continuous use on a single charge. The battery is also rechargeable, so you never have to worry about running out of power. The Vault also has a pass-through charging function, so you can continue to use your vape pen while it is charging.

The Ooze Vault Portable Vaporizer Battery has a variable voltage setting that allows you to customize your vaping experience. You can choose from three different voltage settings so you can find the perfect voltage for your vaping needs. The Vault also has a preheat function that helps to vaporize your concentrates evenly.

Product features:

  • 510 thread
  • 450 mAh battery
  • 10 second hold time
  • 15 second Preheat mode (continuous heat without holding the button)
  • Secret storage compartment
  • Adjustable voltage
    • 2.6-3.0V = Blue
    • 3.0-3.4V = Green
    • 3.4-3.8V = Red
  • Included Dual Quartz Wax Tank
  • Micro USB charger

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Ooze Vault Portable Vaporizer Battery

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