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Smart Choice Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests

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Product Description

The Smart Choice Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests - is the ultimate solution to help you pass any screening process with confidence. This high-quality synthetic urine is precisely formulated to mimic the composition and characteristics of natural urine, ensuring accurate and reliable results. With its advanced formula and temperature control, Smart Choice Synthetic Urine provides a seamless and worry-free experience. Don't let a drug test stand in your way - choose Smart Choice Synthetic Urine and take control of your future. Trust in the power of Smart Choice to help you achieve the results you need.

  • 3oz
  • Unisex Adult Novelty Synthetic Urine
  • Single Use.


  • 3oz bottle of synthetic urine
  • Heat Pad
  • Rubber Band

Shipping Time

We will ship your order within 1-2 business days. You should receive your Smoky Box within 3-7 business days after your order is processed, depending on your location. We only ship within the Continental United States.

Return Policy

We offer returns or exchanges within seven days of receiving your order as long as the product is unused. Click here to request a return or exchange.

Smart Choice Synthetic Urine for Drug Tests


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