5 Best Convection Vaporizers For 2024

Vaping enthusiasts often prefer convection heating because it offers outstanding vapor production, efficient heating, and impressive flavor extraction. 

Unlike conduction heating, convection heating utilizes hot air to vaporize the material, resulting in cleaner and more flavorful vapor without any harmful combustion byproducts. This method is highly regarded for producing thick clouds and enhancing the overall flavor.

1. Boundless CVF Dry Herb Vaporizer

The Boundless CFV Dry Herb Vaporizer is an affordable portable convection vaporizer that prioritizes flavor and delivers outstanding performance. Let's look closer at its features, benefits, average price, battery life, and the quality of vapor it produces.

Features and specifications

  • Sizes: 131mm x 32mm x 31mm
  • Battery: Single 18650 [Included]
  • Temperature range: 100ºF - 430ºF | 37.8ºC - 221.1ºC
  • Display screen: LED


The Boundless CFV Dry Herb Vaporizer provides various advantages that improve the vaping experience for enthusiasts. Its convection heating mechanism guarantees delicious draws and high-quality vapor clouds, resulting in an unparalleled sensory journey.

 With its speedy 30-second heat-up time, you can indulge in fast and effective vaping sessions, catering to those who prioritize convenience without sacrificing performance. Plus, this vape has an exclusive free shipping offer with your purchase! 

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Average price

  • With a price of $126.95, these top-tier convection vaporizers promise exceptional quality and ensure longevity. This price point perfectly aligns with the superior performance and durability of the products, making them a worthwhile investment for any vaping enthusiast.

Battery life

The CFV is equipped with a battery that lasts approximately 30 to 40 minutes, allowing users to have multiple vaping sessions on a single charge. 

2.Yocan Hit Dry Herb Vaporizer

In a convection vaporizer like the Yocan Hit, the heat source warms the air, then passes through or around the dry herb, vaporizing the active compounds. This method tends to provide more even heating and can result in smoother, more flavorful vapor than conduction.

Features and specifications

  • Sizes: 117mm by 23mm diameter
  • Battery: Integrated 1400mAh rechargeable 
  • Temperature range: 200°-480°F


The Yocan Hit Vaporizer has a range of features, such as a convection oven, OLED display, built-in stir tool, intelligent vibration, and USB-C charging. It is crafted to deliver excellent airflow and avoid overheating or scorching herbs in the chamber. 

This portable device is simple to operate, making it perfect for vaping while on the move.

Average price

  • With an average price of $38.95, this vape may not boast the premium features of its rechargeable counterparts. However, don't be fooled—its vapor quality remains top-notch. Ideally suited for on-the-go vaping, its compact size makes it ideal for slipping into your pocket or bag.

Battery life

The integrated 1400mAh rechargeable battery provides reliable power for extended vaping sessions. The battery life duration may differ depending on individual usage patterns and settings. 1-3 hours approximately. 

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3. G Pen Elite II Vaporizer Battery

The G Pen Elite 2 utilizes a hybrid heating system, combining convection and conduction heating methods. This dual-technology approach may balance efficient vaporization and flavor extraction, providing users with a satisfying vaping experience.

Features and specifications

  • Sizes:  118mm by 31.5mm by 29.5mm diameter
  • Battery:  Integrated 2100mAh rechargeable 
  • Temperature range: 200°-428°F / 93°-220°C
  • Display screen: Color TFT display screen


The G Pen Elite II Vaporizer provides an outstanding vaping experience with quick heat-up time, precise temperature control, and a sleek design. Its mini digital screen and user-friendly controls simplify operation. 

With long-lasting battery life and portability, it's perfect for on-the-go use, offering rapid charging and top-notch performance for reliable dry herb vaping. Plus, this vape offers exclusive free shipping with your purchase! 

Average price

  • With an average price of $180.95, this premium convection vaporizer represents a one-time investment. Its rechargeable nature ensures you won't need to continually purchase disposable components, making it a premium option for discerning vapers.

Battery life

The G Pen Elite II Vaporizer comes with a 2100mAh rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers an outstanding balance of convenience and performance. With USB-C fast-charging capabilities, you can enjoy a full charge in around 1.5 hours.



4. Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer

Elevate your vaping experience with the Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer. Renowned for its advanced convection heating technology, this sleek device ensures even heat distribution for smooth, flavorful vapor. Versatile and portable, it accommodates both dry herbs and concentrates, while intuitive controls allow for personalized temperature settings. Experience vaping excellence with the Exxus Mini Plus.

Features and specifications

  • Dimensions: 87mm by 35.7mm by 25.2mm
  • Battery capacity: 900mAh
  • Voltage range: 2.2-4.2
  • Power output: 4 Power Levels
  • Chassis material: Zinc-Alloy
  • Operation: Button Activated
  • Connection: Threaded 510
  • Charging port: Type-C
  • Intuitive firing button
  • Diameter adjustment dial
  • LED indicator light


The Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer is recognized for its reasonable price, long battery life, and top-notch vapor production, making it a popular option for vaping enthusiasts looking for a dependable and effective device.

 The Exxus Mini Vaporizer has a compact and stylish design, flexible temperature settings, a durable battery, and its competitive pricing and 2-year warranty.

Average price

  • $120-180
  • Battery life

    The Exxus Mini has an amazing battery that can last up to 2 hours of non-stop use, making it the perfect choice for vapers who want something portable and low-key.

    5. Boundless CFX Dry Herb Vaporizer Battery

    The Boundless CFX Dry Herb Vaporizer is a fantastic portable vaporizer that offers a powerful and enjoyable vaping experience. Created by Boundless Vapes, a well-known producer of vaporizers, the CFX is a reliable and versatile option for those who love vaping dry herbs. It provides great value for money and guarantees a deeply satisfying experience.

    Features and specifications

    • Height: 5 1/16 inches
    • Battery: 2500mAh
    • Temperature range: 100°F - 430°F (37.8°C-221.1°C) Fully Adjustable Temp. Range 100-240v Power (will work in any country)

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    The Boundless CFX Dry Herb Vaporizer provides a dynamic and potent vaping experience, emphasizing top-notch vapor quality and convenience.

    Its quick heating time and accurate temperature control guarantee easy and effective vaporization of dry herbs. Plus, this vape offers free shipping with your purchase! 

    Average price

    • The Exxus Mini Plus Vaporizer is a high-end option with rechargeable capabilities and a USB cable for added convenience. It features a mini screen for temperature adjustments and offers a sleek design and advanced features for an exceptional vaping experience. The average price is $118.95.

    Battery life

    The CFX features a 5-minute automatic shut-off function to extend the battery's lifespan. With a full charge, we can enjoy 10-15 sessions lasting 5 minutes each.

    It charges rapidly, reaching full power in approximately 30 minutes using the wall charger (or 3 hours with a regular USB charging cable).

    Can convection vaporizers be used with concentrates?

    Convection vaporizers are perfect for enjoying concentrates, providing a flexible vaping experience.

    The convection heating system, praised for its effectiveness, excellent flavor output, and minimal airflow resistance, makes it possible to vaporize dry herbs and concentrates. 

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    Do convection vaporizers require preheating?

    Convection vaporizers usually don't need to be preheated because they use hot air to vaporize the material. Unlike conduction vaporizers that rely on direct contact with a heat source, convection vaporizers heat the material by blowing hot air through a heating element.

     This technique ensures efficient and uniform vaporization without preheating, making convection vaporizers convenient and user-friendly for smooth and speedy vaping sessions.

    How is a convection vaporizer right for me?

    How to choose a vaporizer? If you're looking for a vaporizer that can give you a tasty and efficient vaping experience, a convection vaporizer might be just what you need. These vaporizers use hot air to heat the material evenly, keeping the terpenes intact and producing flavorful vapor with every puff. 

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    Best Convection Vaporizers FAQS

    Do convection vaporizers require regular maintenance?

    In terms of upkeep, convection vaporizers may need occasional cleaning. Still, they generally do not require frequent maintenance beyond regular cleaning routines, making them a convenient and user-friendly choice for enthusiasts looking for a customizable and low-maintenance vaping experience.

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    What temperature range do convection vaporizers typically offer?

    Convection vaporizers are known for their ability to provide a wide range of temperature options, giving users the freedom to personalize their vaping experience. These vaporizers typically have a temperature range from around 100°F to 430°F.