Dab Pen vs. Vape Pen: A Compare Guide

Dab pens and vape pens are both popular options for consuming cannabis concentrates and oils, but they operate differently and offer distinct experiences. While both devices are designed for portable use, they vary in heating mechanisms, compatibility with different types of concentrates, and overall performance. 

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Dab pen vs Vape pen overview

Features and specifications

Dab pen

Vape pen

Average price



Battery life

950 mAh



300 hits 

One day


Lookah Swordfish

Ooze Booster 

VG Vape Gear Twist

Ooze Duplex Pro Dual Vape Pen

Dab pen vs Vape pen pros and cons 



Dab pen

  • Potent Hits
  • Flavor Preservation
  • Efficient Use
  • Customization
  • Portability (bulky)
  • Learning curve 
  • Maintenance 

Vape pen

  • Ease of use 
  • Portability 
  • Low maintenance
  • Versatility 
  • Vapor quality 
  • Battery life
  • Limited customization 

Similarities and differences between vape pens and dab pens

Similarities between Vape Pens and Dab Pens:

  • Portability: Both vape pens and dab pens are designed to be portable, making them convenient options for on-the-go vaping.
  • Battery-Powered: Both devices are powered by rechargeable batteries, allowing for cordless operation and easy recharging.
  • Discreet Design: Vape pens and dab pens are often designed to resemble everyday objects like pens or USB drives, making them discreet and inconspicuous for vaping in public settings.

Differences between Vape Pens and Dab Pens:

  • Heating Mechanism: Vape pens typically use atomizers or coils to heat e-liquids or oil cartridges, while dab pens use ceramic or quartz coils to vaporize concentrates directly.
  • Compatibility: Vape pens are primarily designed for use with e-liquids, oils, or pre-filled cartridges, whereas dab pens are specifically intended for consuming wax, shatter, or other cannabis concentrates.
  • Temperature Control: Dab pens often offer more precise temperature control settings, allowing users to customize their vaping experience based on the specific concentrate being used.
  • Vapor Quality: Dab pens tend to produce more flavorful and potent vapor compared to vape pens, as they heat concentrates directly at higher temperatures, resulting in richer vapor. Vape pens may produce less flavorful vapor, particularly when used with e-liquids.

Which is better for wax: dab pen or vape pen?

For wax concentrates, a dab pen is generally considered the better option. Dab pens are specifically designed to vaporize concentrates efficiently, offering higher temperatures and more direct wax heating, which results in potent and flavorful vapor. Vape pens, on the other hand, may not reach the necessary temperatures or provide the same level of vapor quality when used with wax concentrates.

Which is better for e-liquids: dab pen or vape pen?

For e-liquids, a vape pen is the preferred choice. Vape pens are designed for e-liquids, offering compatibility with standard e-liquid cartridges and atomizers. They typically feature adjustable voltage settings and coil options optimized for vaporizing e-liquids, providing a smooth and flavorful vaping experience. 

How to decide which one is best for you?

 A vape pen may be the best choice if you prefer vaping e-liquids or oils and value portability and discretion. However, a dab pen might suit you better if you prefer potent and flavorful vapor from concentrates, prioritize customization options, and are comfortable with a potentially higher learning curve.

Understand the vape pens components, including the battery, heating element, and cartridge, to make informed decisions about your vaping setup. Discover the best vapes for CBD oil, designed to deliver the therapeutic benefits of cannabidiol in a convenient and efficient manner.



Dab pen vs Vape pen FAQs

How portable are dab pens compared to vape pens?

Dab pens are highly portable due to their compact size and lightweight design. They are specifically engineered for consuming concentrates, which allows for streamlined and efficient construction. This makes them easy to carry around and convenient for on-the-go vaping.

Are dab pens and vape pens discreet to use?

Both dab pens and vape pens are discreet to use, as they often resemble ordinary objects like pens or USB drives. Their inconspicuous appearance allows users to vape discreetly in public without drawing unwanted attention. This discretion adds to their appeal for users who value privacy while vaping.

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