PAX 3 vs PAX 2: A Comparative Guide

The flagship PAX vaporizers are well-known to smokers. Below we delve into each of the unique features offered by the PAX 2 and PAX 3 to help you decide which model best suits your needs.

Pax 3 and Pax 2 overview

Features and specifications

Pax 2

Pax 3

Average price



Battery life

2,600 mAh 

3,500 mAh


90 minutes

110 minutes 


Charcoal and Platinum

Onyx, Sand, Sage, Burgundy, and Blue Ocean



Can I use concentrates with both the PAX 3 and PAX 2?

Yes, concentrates may be used with the PAX 3 and PAX 2. They work well with waxy and solid concentrates like rosin, BHO, crumble, break, live resin, and other dab-like substances.

The concentrate insert, which is part of the PAX 3 Complete Kit or is available separately, is required in order to use concentrates with the PAX 3 or PAX 2.  Concentrate vaporization is made possible by the concentrate insert, which fits within the PAX 3 or PAX 2 chamber.

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Which device has a faster heat-up time, the PAX 3 or PAX 2?

The PAX 3 takes 20 seconds to warm up, while PAX 2 is always longer than 30 seconds. That is quick!  Is only twenty seconds away. When you stop drawing, it cools down and rapidly heats up again. It also manages concentration really well. 

Which device is more discreet and portable, the PAX 3 or PAX 2?

Compared to the PAX 2, the PAX Mini (also called the PAX 3) is more covert and lightweight. The PAX Mini is even more covert and portable because of its smaller size than the PAX Plus (PAX 2).

How do the PAX 3 and PAX 2 cleaning and maintenance requirements differ?

The cleaning and maintenance requirements for the PAX 3 and PAX 2 are similar. Both devices are relatively easy to clean and maintain. Here are the general steps involved:

  1. Disassembly: To begin, take the gadget apart and remove the screen, mouthpiece, and any other detachable components.
  2. Cleaning solution: Make a cleaning solution with isopropyl alcohol or rubbing alcohol. The detachable components can be immersed in a tiny dish with a cleaning solution.
  3. Cleaning the parts: To clean the oven chamber, vapor route, and other difficult-to-reach places, use a pipe cleaner or soft brush. Alternatively, you can use a paper towel or cotton swab immersed in the cleaning solution to remove any remaining residue.
  4. Drying: Use a paper towel to dry the detachable components after cleaning. Before putting the gadget back together, be sure they are burned.
  5. Reassembly: Make sure the cleaned parts are firmly affixed and correctly aligned by backing them up.
  6. Burn-off: It is advised to carry out a burn-off to eliminate any remaining alcohol in the gadget. This entails using an empty chamber and the device's highest temperature setting for a few minutes.

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Which device offers better airflow and draw resistance?

Though the differences are not great, it is important to remember that the PAX 3 is usually seen as an improvement over the PAX 2, meaning that the latter's airflow and extraction resistance have been improved. 

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Pax 3 vs Pax 2 FAQs

Can I use my PAX 3 or PAX 2 while it's charging?

You can indeed use the PAX 3 and PAX 2 while they are charging. The gadgets can be used while they are linked to a power source thanks to a function called pass-through charging. This can be handy if you want to keep using the gadget without waiting for it to charge fully. 

It's important to remember that using the smartphone while charging could cause the charging process to go a little slower.

Which device is more suitable for beginners, the PAX 3 or PAX 2?

For novices, the PAX 3 and PAX 2 are appropriate. On the other hand, the PAX 3 might be a little more user-friendly. It is said that the PAX 3 is simple to load and operate, making it appropriate for novices. 

Even for novice users, it is regarded as one of the most excellent vaporizers available because of its simple operation and enjoyment factor. However, the PAX 2 is also relatively easy to use and provides an excellent vaping experience. It is commended for being simple.