Seahorse Pro Plus Review

Smoky Rolling is all about creativity and the pursuit of exceptional experiences. As a result, we are proud to introduce the Seahorse Pro Plus, an electric nectar collector that redefines dabbing with its unique design, advanced technology, and exceptional taste.

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Design and Build Quality

If there is one thing you should know about dap pens before purchasing one, it is the essential quality features and design specs built into the pen.


The Seahorse Pro Plus, with its sleek and discreet pen shape, It’s incredibly portable and can be easily concealed in your pocket or purse. Thanks to its small size, you can use it comfortably on the go, whether at home, traveling, or doing outdoor activities.

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  • Quartz tip⬜️: For better heating and flavor retention, the Seahorse Pro Plus makes use of a premium quartz tip. Quartz ensures a more pleasurable and healthful experience by producing pure, clean vapor with little chance of undesirable consequences.
  • Stainless steel exterior⚔️: Long-lasting performance is ensured by the sturdy stainless steel structure, which also offers a sleek and polished finish. This durable substance lengthens the device's lifespan by shielding the interior parts from normal wear and tear.
  • Glass carb cap🔎: By keeping heat and vapor in the tip, the included glass carb cap maximizes effectiveness and potency. Glass has a neutral flavor profile, so your concentrates' actual flavor can come through.

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  • Leakproof design: Even when filled and stored horizontally, the Seahorse Pro Plus's leakproof construction keeps concentration from leaking. This keeps everything tidy and guarantees effective use of concentration.
  • Strong battery: The 650mAh battery offers extended use between charges, making it reliable for extended sessions or on-the-go convenience. Its ability to hold a charge well contributes to its overall durability.
  • Easy disassembly: Cleaning and maintenance of the Seahorse Pro Plus are made simple by its easy disassembly. The easily removable pieces make cleaning easier and prolong the device's lifespan by avoiding clogs and buildup.

Ease of use


Thanks to the exposed quartz coil, it's simple and mess-free to load concentrates. Just dab the necessary amount straight onto the coil, then replace the mouthpiece by twisting it on.

 Thanks to the vast atomizer chamber, you have plenty of room to work with even for larger dabs. As a result, there is less chance of overfilling and spilling, improving efficiency and enjoyment.

Operating the controls 

 No complex button combinations or menus here. The Seahorse Pro Plus operates with a single button for power, temperature control, and pre-heating. It's perfect for both dabbing veterans and curious newcomers.

Cleaning and maintenance

The robust magnetic connectors make filling and cleaning a breeze. Installing and removing the atomizer takes little effort, saving you time and hassle.

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Heating Element and Temperature Control


  • Direct Heating: By minimizing heat loss, the exposed coil design maximizes the efficiency and vaporization of concentrates. You minimize waste and maximize the value of your valuable dabs.
  • No Spill, No Waste: The large atomizer chamber and leak-proof construction keep concentrates from spilling and guarantee they reach the coil for complete vaporization.

Range of temperatures

  • Low (380°F): Ideal for a rich, smooth experience and subtle terpenes. This configuration is perfect for novice users or those who like softer dabs.
  • Medium (420°F): Potency and flavor are in harmony. This setting is a favorite for most users since it produces a decent amount of vapor without compromising flavor.
  • High (480°F): Suitable for seasoned dabbers looking for dense clouds and potent hits. Your concentrates will reach their maximum potential with this setting, but certain subtleties of flavor may be lost.

Vapor Quality

 When operating at higher temperatures, the Seahorse Pro Plus generates a remarkable vapor density. Anticipate dense, pleasant clouds with a powerful punch.

There is no burning or harshness to the vapor, which makes for relaxing and fun sessions. Smell The minimal material contact, and clean-heating quartz coil bring out the natural flavor of your concentrates. Taste connoisseurs will value the exquisitely rendered subtle characteristics.

Lookah Seahorse Pro PLUS 650mAh Vaporizer Kit $32.99

Vapor Production and Flavor


An impressive quantity of vapor density is produced by the Seahorse Pro Plus when it operates at high temperatures. From a single good puff, it produces really good clouds.


Even at high temperatures, vaping is remarkably smooth thanks to the quartz coil and pre-heat feature. There is no burning or harshness to the vapor, which makes for relaxing and fun sessions.


The true taste of your concentrates shines through thanks to the clean-heating quartz coil and minimal material contact. Flavor enthusiasts will appreciate the nuanced profiles that come across beautifully.

Discreetness and portability


The Seahorse Pro Plus is slightly bulkier than your average pen-style dab pen, but not extremely large. This is due to its curved neck and bulbous chamber. Although its unusual design could get strange looks in public, you can simply fit it into your pocket or purse.

Noise level

Even when preheating, the Seahorse Pro Plus runs at a nearly imperceptible hum. Because of its silence, it's perfect for discreet dabbing sessions when you're unwinding at home or in a peaceful place.


By eliminating combustion and providing efficient heating, the Seahorse Pro Plus effectively reduces odor, in contrast to conventional dabbing techniques that may leave a persistent cloud of stink.

Lookah - Seahorse Pro Plus – JimBuddy's

Value for money

Considering price

Seahorse Pro Plus dab pens are more expensive than standard pen-style dab pens. This reflects its cutting-edge features, premium materials, and creative design.

 Considering its distinct style, outstanding functionality, and effectiveness, the Seahorse Pro Plus begins to resemble a lost gem. Dabbers who like flavor, quality, and a little extravagance may want to explore its depths more.


Performance begins with Flavor, one area where the Seahorse Pro Plus excels. With each puff, the exposed quartz coil and efficient heating system maintain your concentrates' subtle flavors and delicate terpenes, creating a tasty symphony.

Thanks to the leak-proof construction and direct heating, you'll get the most out of every puff, which reduces concentrated waste. This efficiency translates into value for money and prolonged pleasure.

 The Seahorse Pro Plus is resistant to wear and tear thanks to its solid zinc alloy construction and premium materials. Its long service life enhances the value of the assembly.


Is the Seahorse Pro Plus suitable for beginners?

The beginner-friendliness of the Seahorse Pro Plus isn't great. Although its leakproof construction, easy-to-use button controls, and portability are appealing, its distinctive shape, costlier pricing, temperature settings, and exposed coil may make it more challenging to use than standard dab pens

Can I use it with nicotine-based e-liquids?

Definitely not! Not e-liquids, but concentrates like wax and shatter are the intended use for the Seahorse Pro Plus.

Using e-liquids might lead to health concerns, void the warranty, and harm the equipment.

What are the maintenance tips for keeping the vaporizer in top condition?

Take advantage of these easy maintenance instructions to keep your Seahorse Pro Plus swimming like a dream! Use a cotton swab and isopropyl alcohol to give the quartz coil a spa treatment after every session. 

You can also use a moist towel to massage the mouthpiece and body of the coil. Unplug it after it is completely charged to prevent it from drowning in power. Treat it like a dry, cool reef by avoiding direct sunlight and high temperatures. 

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Seahorse Pro Plus Review FAQs

How does the Seahorse Pro Plus compare to other vaporizers?

The Seahorse Pro Plus has its own swimming lane. While slightly larger in size and cost than pen-style dab pens, it delivers better flavor and convenience of use. 

Although eDabs are more expensive and offer less portability than Seahorse, they are more powerful and controllable. Similar form factors are provided by wax pen vaporizers; however, because of their enclosed coils, they lack flavor and efficiency. 

Can I use third-party accessories with the Seahorse Pro Plus?

When accessing your Seahorse Pro Plus, tread carefully with third-party options. Its unique design and magnetic connections make it a bit of a lone wolf in the vaporizer world.

While some third-party mouthpieces might fit, compatibility issues with other accessories like atomizers can damage the device or affect performance.