Yocan Orbit Review: Why Should You Buy It?

Let's explore the Yocan Orbit, a compact vaporizer that catches the eye of vaping enthusiasts. This review dives into its features and performance, uncovering why the Yocan Orbit might be a noteworthy choice in portable vaporizers. 

Design and build quality

Crafted from premium materials, the Yocan Orbit showcases a sleek and modern aesthetic, making it a standout in vaporizer pens. Its smooth lines, premium finish, and availability in various stylish colors contribute to its overall appeal. The stainless steel body adds a touch of durability to its design when the time to know how to choose a vaporizer comes.


Despite its compact size, the Yocan Orbit is designed for on-the-go use. Its portability makes it convenient to carry, allowing users to enjoy their favorite concentrates or oils wherever they may roam. The 1700mAh battery further enhances its portability, providing ample power for extended vaping sessions.


The vaporizer pen's premium finish, smooth lines, and availability in stylish colors allow users to choose a design that aligns with their personal style. The stainless steel body adds a touch of sophistication to the overall composition.


The stainless steel body not only contributes to the vaporizer's aesthetic appeal but also ensures a robust and enduring build. This focus on durability is complemented by advanced heating technology, promising longevity and consistent performance over time.

Ease of use


Filling the Yocan Orbit is a straightforward process, enhancing user convenience. The vaporizer's design allows for easy and mess-free loading of concentrates or oils, making it accessible for users of all experience levels.

Operating the controls 

The vaporizer features intuitive controls that are responsive and easy to understand. This simplicity in operation ensures users can customize their vaping sessions effortlessly.

Cleaning and maintenance 

The design facilitates easy maintenance, and the materials used are conducive to straightforward cleaning, ensuring consistent performance with minimal effort. Regular cleaning and maintenance are essential for optimal and long-lasting functionality. To know how to clean a vaporizer visit our article about this topic.

Heating element and temperature control


Designed for optimal efficiency, the Yocan Orbit's advanced heating technology ensures that concentrates or oils are vaporized quickly and evenly. This efficiency contributes to a satisfying vaping experience, allowing users to make the most of their materials.

Range of temperatures

The Yocan Orbit offers a variable voltage battery, providing users with a range of temperature options. This versatility enables users to tailor their vaping sessions to specific preferences, accommodating different concentrate or oil types for a customized experience.

Vapor quality

The coil-less quartz cup and advanced heating technology contribute to smooth and flavorful vapor production. Users can expect a high-quality vapor output, emphasizing both efficiency and enjoyment.

Battery life and charging

How long it lasts

On a single charge, the Yocan Orbit's 1700mAh battery offers substantial usage, making it suitable for users who prefer longer vaping sessions. The extended battery life adds convenience for on-the-go vaping.

Charging time

The charging time for the Yocan Orbit is optimized for efficiency. Users can expect a reasonable charging duration, allowing for a quick turnaround between sessions. This feature minimizes downtime and ensures the vaporizer is ready for use when needed.

Portability of charger

Including USB-C technology adds convenience, as it is a widely used and versatile charging option. This ensures users can easily charge the device using various compatible chargers, enhancing overall portability.

Vapor production and flavor


The vapor produced by the Yocan Orbit exhibits a commendable density, creating an immersive and enjoyable experience. Users can expect thick clouds, enhancing the overall satisfaction of their vaping sessions.


Emphasizing a smooth draw, the Yocan Orbit ensures a comfortable vaping experience. The device's design and airflow contribute to a seamless inhalation, enhancing user comfort during each session.


The Yocan Orbit prioritizes the preservation of the natural taste of concentrates or oils. Users can enjoy a clean and authentic taste, elevating the overall flavor profile of their chosen materials.

Terpene preservation

The Yocan Orbit's design and heating element contribute to the preservation of terpenes, the aromatic compounds responsible for the distinct flavors of concentrates or oils. This focus on terpene preservation ensures that users experience the full spectrum of flavors during their vaping sessions.


Discreetness and portability


The size of the Yocan Orbit contributes to its discreet profile, making it easy to carry and use without drawing unnecessary attention. Its compact design aligns with on-the-go vaping preferences.

Noise level

The Yocan Orbit operates with minimal noise, ensuring a discreet and unobtrusive vaping experience. Users can enjoy their sessions without the distraction of loud or disruptive noises.


Efforts have been made to minimize the potential for noticeable smells during vaping sessions with the Yocan Orbit. While no vaporizer can entirely eliminate odors, the discreet design and efficient vaporization help manage and reduce the overall smell, providing users with a more discreet experience.

Value for money

Considering price

Priced at $31.95, the Yocan Orbit offers a compelling value-for-money proposition. Users can expect a balance of affordability and performance in this portable vaporizer.


The Yocan Orbit delivers solid performance, considering its price point. With features like a coil-less quartz cup heating element, variable voltage battery, and USB-C charging technology, users can enjoy efficient vaporization and a satisfying vaping experience. 

Pros and cons of the Yocan Orbit

  • Affordable: Priced at $31.95, the Yocan Orbit offers a budget-friendly option for users.
  • Compact Design: The vaporizer's compact design enhances portability, making it convenient for on-the-go use.
  • Variable Voltage Battery: Users control temperature settings for a personalized vaping experience.
  • Efficient Vaporization: The coil-less quartz cup heating element ensures quick and even vaporization.
  • USB-C Charging Technology: Including USB-C charging adds convenience and versatility to the charging process.


Yocan Orbit Review FAQs

Is the Yocan Orbit easy to use for beginners? 

Yes, the Yocan Orbit is designed with user-friendly features, making it suitable for beginners. Its intuitive controls and straightforward operation ensure a hassle-free experience for those new to vaping. The compact design and easy filling process contribute to its accessibility, positively introducing vaporization.

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Does the Yocan Orbit work well with all types of wax/concentrate?

The Yocan Orbit is designed explicitly for concentrates or oils. It features a coil-less quartz cup heating element that efficiently vaporizes these materials, ensuring a consistent and enjoyable experience. However, following the manufacturer's recommendations and guidelines for the best performance with your preferred wax or concentrate is always advisable.